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Wish List
Current Needs Remarks
Project Number Description Estimated Costs (USD)  
One-Time Monthly  
Sen Sok Medical Clinic Just for Asia is now raising money to construct a roof over the waiting area at the Sen Sok Clinic.
CA-SS-01 Sen Sok Staffing   $480.00
CA-SS-02 Sen Sok Medicines   $300.00
CA-SS-03 Sen Sok Equipment $0.00  
CA-SS-04 Sen Sok Expenses   $80.00
CA-SS-05 Roof over the Sen Sok Clinic Waiting Area $2,000.00  
Sen Sok Medical Clinic Subtotal $2,000.00 $860.00
Tonle Sap Medical Clinic *  Just for Asia is discussing this project with the "People for Care and Learning (PCL)" organization.  Please pray that the staffing for this clinic would be finalized, and that this clinic would start soon.
CA-TS-01 Tonle Sap Staffing   TBD
CA-TS-02 Tonle Sap Medicines and Supplies   TBD
CA-TS-03 Tonle Sap Equipment    
CA-TS-04 Small Boat for Tonle Sap Clinic TBD  
CA-TS-05 Motorcycle for Tonle Sap Clinic TBD  
Tonle Sap Medical Clinic Subtotal $0.00 $0.00
Banteay Meanchey Medical Clinic *  Just for Asia has teamed with South East Prayer Center (SEAPC) to house this clinic in a new school on a main road in the area.  Please pray for these funds to be raised soon.
CA-BM-01 Banteay Meanchey Facility Costs TBD  
CA-BM-02 Banteay Meanchey Staffing   $350.00
CA-BM-03 Banteay Meanchey Medicines   $150.00
Banteay Meanchey Medical Clinic Subtotal $0.00 $500.00
Kampong Cham Orphanage *  The second floor project here was completed, due to a generous donation of $5,000 from Jim Wood Ministries.
CA-KC-01 Construct Second Floor    
CA-KC-02 Fix Existing Bathroom $100.00  
CA-KC-03 Build New Bathroom $1,500.00  
Kampong Cham Orphanage Subtotal $1,600.00 $0.00
Rong Kor Orphanage God has raised the funds for this project and the planning has begun.  Praise the Lord!!
CA-RK-01 Water Tank and Shower Facility $1,000.00  
Rong Kor Orphanage Subtotal $1,000.00 $0.00
New Church in Mekong River Area  
CA-MR-01 Land for New Building $2,600.00    
CA-MR-02 Drill New Water Well $300.00    
CA-MR-03 New Bathroom Facility $700.00    
CA-MR-04 Fence Around Property $1,000.00    
New Church in Mekong River Area Subtotal $4,600.00 $0.00  
CURRENT NEEDS TOTAL $9,200.00 $1,360.00  
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